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Visiting Blogs

The 1st blog I visited was Annabelle’s blog.  She had an awesome theme with a bird on it.  I made a comment on her post about Interviewing Tyler.  I picked that post, because I thought it looked interesting.

The second blog I visited was Shayne’s blog.  Her blog rocks, and the theme is super cool.  I left a comment on her “Whoo Hoo, I can see under water” post.  I picked that post, because it had a super cool picture on it, and it was very interesting.

The third blog I visited was Gracie’s blog.  Her blog had an original theme on it.  It was cool though.  I picked the post” If you came To Pukeokahu.  It was a very interesting post.  The thing that really made me want to put a comment on it was the pictures.

Shayne Annabelle Gracie for Mrs.W

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  1. Posted November 4, 2010 at 9:35 am | #

    I love your blog….very interesting!

    Thank you for going on my blog please come again


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